Elementary School


  • Chapel: Weekly Chapels conducted by our staff
  • Special Classes: Art, Spanish, Music, Technology, and Library conducted weekly by our staff. Physical Education is every day.
  • Spelling Bee: Students are given the opportunity to compete in the annual Spelling Bee. This begins in the fall. Students can advance from local to national level recognition
  • Band: Band is offered for students beginning at Fourth Grade. This begins in August.

Jaimee Bowser


    Patricia Penunuri

    Aftercare Supervisor

      Geri Rosentreter

      First Aid Specialist

      Genevieve Falcon

      1st Grade

        Mandy Rife

        3rd Grade

          Kerry Ingold

          Kindergarten Teacher

            Rachel Padilla

            Art Teacher

              Christel Donker

              Classroom Aide

                Michael McWhorter


                  Elizabeth Heiser

                  Spanish Teacher

                    Brooke Epperson


                    Dawn Hall

                    Computer Teacher

                      • Monthly Tuition: $551.25 per month
                      • Before and after care available: $5.50 per hour
                      • Discounts available: Contact us for more information.
                      • Tuition Tax Credit Scholarships: Arizona offers tax credit scholarships for private school children. Click here for more information